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Welcome to the
Fig Tree Bio Electric

Welcome to a universe where we intentionally create our own reality.

The reality is the place where we achieve health by knowing ourselves.

Principles of USHA

The principles and herbs of USHA support your healing journey.

1.) Energy is the Basis for Life

     Everything in the universe is energy that moves at different wavelengths. Life carries highly electrically charged energy. This state of high electricity when operating optimally is the state of good health. The disease occurs when the physical body no longer maintains its high electrical energy state.

Through toxic food and environment our energy level decreases, which allows for physical and mental deterioration. Since our bodies are
completely electrical, our cells must have the capacity to transmit energy. The disease reduces or eliminates this capacity. The products, here herbal compounds and nutritional guidance that USHA / The Fig Tree provides gives energy and put the joy back in Life!


     2.) Healing Begins In Our Cells     

     We are made of millions of living cells. The living cell is the smallest form of life that performs all the biological functions

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. It takes in nourishment, breathes, “thinks” and excretes waste. When the cell cannot function in this way, it becomes ill and can only produce unhealthy cells.

Thus, we become ill. USHA / The Fig Tree herbal products are electric cell food. They carry electrical energy directly to the cell and nourishes them. Our compounds are designed to have an affinity for the cells and organs which effectively addresses the entire structure. Our compounds help the cell to remember its healthy state and to activate DNA to replicate healthy cells.

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