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Dr. Sebi & Maa’s Electric Cell Food Retail Product List

Maya Electric Cell Food

Iron blood nourisher and purifier that contain iron phosphate and trace minerals.

The Maya contains over 14 diverse organic plants high in iron phosphate, which provides nourishment for the cells. It increases energy, relieves stress, calms nerves, treats anemia, infections, and it’s a blood purifier.


Nervino Nourishes balances and regulates the nervous system. It also reduces stress and reduces pain. $30.00
Bio-Electric I & II Kit

Mini Bio-mineral intra-cellular chelation, detoxifier and nourisher kit

Bio I - Electrifies the system and is based on live tropical plants “not hybrid”. Nourishes the nervous system, immune system, and the organs.

Bio II - Cleans every single cell that makes up the human body, colon, pancreas, liver, and kidney and eliminates mucus, acid, toxin, bacteria, viruses, parasite, constipation, gas, fluid retention, sinus, and chest discomfort.

T-1 Male Nourisher

T-1 Male Nourisher that enhances the virility and sexual performance; nourishes the prostate glands by promoting testosterone; improves sexual dysfunction by correcting hormonal deficiency.

The T1 Compound will help balance the nervous system as well.

H-1 Female Nourisher H-1 Female Nourisher sustains, balances and nourishes the female endocrine and reproductive systems; cleans the ovaries and uterus, maintains pregnancy, calms nerves by reversing moodiness, hot and cold flashes, cramps, depression & PMS. $25.00
Uterine Vaginal Douche Helps clean and strengthen the vaginal muscles. It also moisturizes the internal reproductive organ, eliminates discharge, odor, cysts, and growth. It further energizes the female reproductive systems. For best results use in combination with the H1 Female Nourisher. $25.00
Eva Salve It’s a multi-purpose ointment. It helps reduce pain, increases and promotes circulation, opens the pores to feed the cells under the skin with oxygen and rejuvenates the skin. Treatment for itchy and dry skin, vaginal infection, muscle ache, erupted skin, cut, insect bites and growth. It’s quickly absorbed and can be used internally. $25.00
Hair Food Oil It is high in phosphate to nourish, support and maintain a healthy scalp and hair growth. Prevents hair loss. Gives strength to hair that was damaged by harsh chemicals. Prevents and reverses dandruff. $8.00


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